Performance Committee

공연 위원회


The performance committee plans on performing for several events in Hwarang Youth Foundation, such as Vision Concert, Gala, Award Banquet and local events in our community.

화랑 청소년재단 산하 이벤트 (비전콘서트, 연말 갈라, 어워드 뱅큇, 지부별 이벤트 등)에서 필요한 공연을 준비합니다.

Previous Activities

  • Annual Vision Concert
    1. The 1st vision concert, 2012
    2. The 2nd vision concert, 2013
    3. The 3rd vision concert, 2014
    4. The 4th vision concert, 2015
    5. The 5th vision concert, 2016
    6. The 6th vision concert, 2017
    7. The 7th vision concert, 2018
    8. The 8th vision concert, 2019
    9. The 9th vision concert, 2020
  • Annual Gala/Award Ceremony 


Activity Plan

  • The 10th Vision Concert (2021)
  • Gala 2020, June


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