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Amerige is the first club to be made in the OC area. It?s known as one of the best clubs there was in Hwarang in the OC and was the mother club that helped form other clubs such as Westridge, Sunnyridge, Pioneer, and Shilla. The members of Amerige club have been great people who have served countless hours in service under the name Hwarang Leo. Although many people criticize us for the lack of participants compared to theirs we still uphold and serve just as many hours as they do, and for that it is one of our greatest strengths. Although we may be lacking in numbers to go serve at events we still give our 110% in each event and adhere to the very definition of volunteering. We adhere to the quality over quantity and have overcome many seemingly impossible tasks on our own. I feel that Amerige is special for its resilience over the past couple of months. Through all the criticism and lack of members we were still able to push through at the same level as other clubs many times and for that I am proud. Amerige club has kept to the traditional meaning of volunteering as we helped built and restore our community and even some in LA. We?ve had multiple members participate in international missions such as eyecare in Guatemala. Amerige had many great leaders in the past that had helped not only shape our club but the entirety of Hwarang. Our members hold strong to the ways they believe is right on how to lead and I know that it will give them the upper hand when their time comes to lead. I look forward to seeing young leaders rise up and take the responsibilities of running the club and continue to prove to the others that our club still is the best.