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Jun 26 2020

Guatemala Camp

Annually, The Hwarang Youth Foundation members and a group of doctors visit Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru to help the community in need for medical treatments through catalyst eye surgeries. Each year, they perform over 300 procedures, and they come back to California after positively changing the lives of many individuals. Many members enjoy this event because they are able to grasp hands on experience in the medical field, and they are able to witness how their actions change the lives of individuals in need. 

매년 화랑 청소년 재단과 의사 그룹은 과테말라, 엘살바도르, 페루를 방문하여 시력 교정 수술과 같은 의료 치료가 필요한 지역 사회를 돕고 있습니다. 매년 300 건이 넘는 절차를 수행하며 많은 개인의 삶을 긍정적으로 변화시킨 후에 캘리포니아로 돌아옵니다.

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