Hi everyone! My name is Tantsiura Valeriia and I am the second president of Hwarang-UCF, Ukrainian Chapter. This is a great honor for me to lead such a prospective organization in Ukraine and I solemnly swear to do my best in leading and managing the Hwarang-UCF during the term of my authority.

Though Hwarang-UCF is still quite a new chapter being established in Sep.2018, with the guidance of our former president we had an amazing, productive year implementing numerous projects, supporting eco and humanitarian campaigns and promoting our activity in central part of Ukraine.

As the new President I will do my best not only to strengthen our positions but also to promote our activity to even higher levels, aiming to become one of the most influential youth organization in Ukraine! Our chapter compiled an incredible team of supporters, who are always ready for the new plans and projects, willing to serve our community by raising responsible and aware young leaders.

Our team is extremely glad to be part of Hwarang, being able to make our world a better place together with our colleagues all around the globe!



Kyiv, Ukraine


Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade




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Tantsiura Valeriia


Kostyria Yevheniia

President of the Culture Committee

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Vanzha Ilona

President of IT Committee

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