Dear members of Hwarang,

It was the great honor for our school to be the part of the large Hwarang family. Our school is the only one in Ukraine, where pupils have an opportunity to learn Korean language and culture.

Students of middle school start learning English language, and get interested in American culture. We have about 70 members of Euroclub Hwarang in our school. Everyone wants to be involved in our active life and interesting social projects.

One of our project is about recycling garbage. There is the relevance of the project in our country, because we have no acting state program of recycling in Ukraine. And huge landfills are grown here.
The other project we are going to involve in is Korean drummer’s band creation. Recently we have got Samulnori drums from Korean Overseas Foundation. We plane to popularize Korean traditional music and culture.

I hope we can make more other fascinating projects, which would teach us to love our country, neighbors, family, justice and peace.

Sincerely yours,
Shin Ruslan
The Head of Hwarang Euroclub
In Kharkiv specialized school No 181 «Dyonsuri»



Kharkiv, Ukraine


Kharkiv specialized school No 181




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