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We introduce Hancock Park, a club we can call the star of the LA region. Hancock Park is one of the chapters from central Los Angeles and it’s also known as HCP. This club was formed by Hwarang Chairman with enthusiasm and leadership. Hancock park started small. Our club also had problems to be stated but with motivated leadership by the president and with the teamwork of parents and members they have overcome those crises and grew as they fix those problems.

Present, Hancock park has unique and talented members. Penike is a team of 6 with rappers and a singer. In Youtube, their total views are 17,382 and counting. Penike creates a type of song that the members of the group like and represents the strength of highschool hip-hop. Also, there are different members of Nanta and Korean drum. The members also are part of a variety of communities such as art, dance, and medical. Hancock Park is also very demonstrative, we believe that one of the most important parts of the leadership is communication. We are one of the open-minded chapters, where we respect everyone and anyone is welcomed. We are very passionate and persevering members. Currently, all of our club members are bilingual and we love to help our community. Throughout the Hwarang events, we were able to confidently help people who are in the Korean-American community, such as keep our Koreatown, WCC painting, Korean Festival, etc. Not just the Korean-American community but we were able to help with our community in general. We participated in events like LA river cleanup, planting trees, eye camp, and vision concert. Hancock park will always try our best to be a muse to other clubs and each member will help to not misalign from the Hwarang mentality. And keep actively lead our volunteer events.

행콕팍은 엘에이에 위치한 챕터이며 엘에이를 주로 봉사하고 있으며, 화랑에 들어오는 새로운 멤버들과 기존 멤버들에게 항상 친근한 챕터중 하나이다. 가장 중요하게 화합과 클럽을 이끄러 갈수있는것은 바로 대화이다. 행콕팍 멤버들은 항상 다른 멤버의 의견을 존중하며 들을 준비가 되어있는 학생들이다. 학생들 모두가 봉사할때 성실하고 열심히 일하며 최선을 다한다. 지금 현재 클럽 멤버 모두가 2개국어를 사용하여 한국인 커뮤니티를 도움을 줄수있다는 사실을 영광스럽게 봉사하고있다. 화랑에서 봉사를하면서 한인 커뮤니티 봉사를 많이 도울수 있어다. 예를 들어 Keep our Koreatown, 욱일기 painting, Korean Festival, 등등 많은 행사에 도움을 줄수있었다. 학생들은 한인 커뮤니티뿐만 아니라 사회에 도움이 되는 봉사도 열심히 도울수 있는 생각에 열심히 봉사를 임한다.


Brandon Cho


Hi! My name is Brandon Cho and I am the president of HCP or Hancock Park. Currently, a senior attending North Hollywood High School, I am thrilled to see what experiences I can gain from taking on a role that entails numerous responsibilities and challenges. As I guide such promising members, I aim to reveal the feeling of achievement and appreciation that is often recognized when performing an act of kindness. HCP is a chapter that has the potential to bring endless smiles to the Los Angeles community, considering the members of my chapter are already well-rounded and close. I am certain that if the members are exposed to a constant source of motivation, they will discover a passion and desire to not only serve LA and Koreatown but also to develop as a person.

myles chae


Eddie Jeong


Autumn Han



Larchmont High School
University High School Charter
Fairfax High School
Van Nuys High School
North Hollywood High School
Notre Dame High School
Campbell Hall High School

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