Welcome to the page of Westridge, a chapter in the OC district. More specifically, Westridge is located in Southern California in multiple cities: namely, Cerritos, Fullerton, and Brea. Originally, this branch was a part of a much too big chapter named Ambridge. Since then, Westridge has accumulated new members and officers that have created close bonds over the years. To define Westridge is to say that this chapter has been an avid group of willing students that aim for the better of communities. Through cleanups and other volunteering opportunities, we aim to humble ourselves and show the difference helping out has done for us. However, as mentioned, we are willing and want to benefit our communities, so we have been discussing new events in order to further display our efforts. In short, Westridge is a group of passionate members that -through Hwarang- aims to make that much of a difference.

WESTRIDGE 사이트에 오신것을 환영합니다. WESTRIDGE는 남가주의 여려시에 있습니다. CERRITOS, FULLERTON, 그리고 BREA. 이전에는 이 브렌치가 더욱더 큰 AMBRIDGE라는 브렌치 소속이었습니다. 그후로 WESTRIDGE는 많은 새 멤버와 임원들을 모으게 됐고 그들끼리 아주 침밀한 친분을 서로 쌓게 됐습니다. WESTRIDGE를 설명한다면 다양하고 열정적인 학생들이 모여서 사회의 발전을 추구하는 모임이라고 말 할수있습니다. 청소와 다양한 봉사 활동들을 통해서 우리들이 겸손해지는 모습을 보여드리고 싶습니다. 말씀드린거 와 같이 저희들은 항상 새로운 활동을 찾고있습니다. WESTRIDGE는 화랑을 통해서 사회의 변화를 만들고 싶어하는 열정적인 모임입니다.



My name is Ian, and I am president of Westridge, a chapter in OC district. My goal during my presidency is to make Hwarang more enjoyable for my members while maintaining a consistent work output. To turn my chapter into a group of individuals who strive to be of service is my ultimate goal.


Brea Olinda
Troy High School
Sunny Hills High School

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