Business Committee

비즈니스 위원회


The Hwarang Business Committee is tasked with managing the business aspect of the organization. We ensure that Hwarang receives a sufficient amount of funds to operate at maximum capacity through fundraisers, sales and pledges. Members are given the opportunity to experience a number of different careers spanning the business spectrum like marketing, finance and accounting. Ultimately, the goal of the business team is to allow members to gain experience in the business world, all the while guaranteeing a safe amount of operational funds to the organization.


화랑 비즈니스 위원회는 화랑 청소년단체의 비즈니스적 부분들을 관리하는 역활을 맡고 있습니다. 화랑이 최대치로 활동하기 위한 펀드를 지원받을수 있도록 펀드레이징 및 세일즈를 담당합니다. 회원들은 마케팅, 재정, 회계등 다양한 직업군을 경험할수 있습니다. 비즈니스 위원회의 궁극적 목적은 다양한 비즈니스 직업군을 회원들이 경험할수 있게함과 동시에 운영자금을 안정적으로 조달하는 것입니다.

Previous Activities

  • Annual Gala/Award Ceremony
    1. 1st Gala/Award Ceremony, 2017
    2. 2nd Gala/Award Ceremony, 2018
    3. 3rd Gala/Award Ceremony, 2019
  • Annual Vision Concert Fundraising


Activity Plan

  • 4th Gala/Award Ceremony 2020, June
  • Chapter Fundraising for Gala 2020
  • The 10th vision concert, 2021 Febuary


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